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Snap frozen available in small pack.

Blue Bait

Salt brined frozen blue bait available in Small pack.


Vacume packed-Snap frozen available in Small & Value pack range.


Snap frozen available in a variety of product lines small pack mullet fillets, value pack whole mullet & 10kg bulk carton , value pack mullet heads & small pack mullet gut.


IQF Snap frozen available in Small pack, Value pack, Angler Pack, 4kg Carton & 15kg Carton. Also Pilchards are available in a Block.


Snap frozen available in Small pack.


Snap frozen and available in small, Value & Angler Packets.

Sand Worm.

Salt brined and snap frozen packet.


Snap frozen Bottle Squid available in small pack & Value pack Size. Also 1lb and 5lb Loligo squid

Stripy Tuna

Salt brined tuna fillet

Trap Bait Pilchards

Available in 18 & 20 kg boxes

White Pilchards

Snap frozen available in small & Value pack Range.


Snap frozen whole fish bait suitable for fillet strip baits or whole towing baits

Whole Slimy Mackeral

Whole Slimy Mackeral cryovac packed  packets

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