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  Plastic bags have a devastating effect on our marine life, killing thousands of species every year because they mistake the bags as their food source.  The marine life cannot digest the plastic and it stays in the gut to prevent further digestion of food and the animal can die a very slow and painful death.

 It is for this reason and of course the visual impact of bag litter that Tweed Bait ask every person who purchases our product to dispose of the plastic bag in a responsible manner.

 We have experimented with biodegradable bags but as yet we have been unable to find a product that will degrade in the environment and not degrade in our freezer environment.

The biodegradability is not the total solution to the issues because they still have to be in the environment for a long time before breaking down and during that time still kill  marine animals.  We are constantly sourcing ways of overcoming this problem, but for now we rely on YOU.  Our valued customers are the answer to the problem of bags in the marine environment.  Be very aware of the cost of leaving your bait bag on the beach, rocks or throwing it over the side of the boat. 

 You went fishing with the bag full now take the empty bag home and dispose of it responsibly.  You have been justly rewarded with a feed of fish and you want our future generations to be able to do the same.

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