Mangrove Jack

The Mangrove Jack is a hard-fighting fish and excellent to eat caught around snags, rock bars and rock walls in estuaries and rivers from northern NSW, QLD and the northern tropics.

Flesh whitish.

Catching Mangrove Jack

Fish the run-out tide with a lightly weighted bait and a heavy drag, when a Jack strikes they head straight for the snag you lured them out of.


Rigging up for Mangrove Jack

Most bait rigs for Jack’s will consist of at least 40lb monofilament or fluorocarbon trace and a single 1/0-4/0 suicide, circle or live bait style hook.

Mangrove Jack Tweed Bait

Kye with a nice Jack wearing his Tweed Bait hat

Selecting the right spot

Look for areas with structures such as bridge pylons, rock walls, drains and fallen trees.

Mangrove Jack bridge pylons

Mangrove Jacks inhabit bridge pylons and other submerged snags


Try Burty’s classic fish n chips recipe.


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