Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel is a fast and powerful fish found on offshore reefs from NSW Mid north coast to North Queensland and NT areas.

Spanish Mackerel

Leon from Living Free Fishing with a nice Spanish caught using Tweed Bait Bonito

Tweed Bait “Blue Pilchard” fishing shirts

Spanish Mackerel

Pete Macca caught this Spanish on Tweed Bait Pillies

Check out Part 1 and 2 of slow trolling baits for Spanish Mackerel presented by Leon from Living Free Fishing

Where Leon shows us how to rig up Tweed Bait Bonito & Garfish

Flesh is very high quality and good eating

Try this great recipe out for

Spanish Mackerel salad rolls?
Step 1.
Add 2x eggs?, a splash of milk, salt n pepper?, chopped garlic?& coriander, a dash of lemon?, to a bowl & mix?, then add your fish?.
Step 2.
Preheat a pan on high, add bread crumbs to a plate and place your fish into the bread crumbs coating all sides, once all fish is crumbed and ready add a good amount of butter? to the pan, add your crumbed fish to the pan and cook for around 3-5mins until golden brown on each side.
Step 3.
Butter your rolls and prep salad?, once the fish is golden brown remove it from the pan, add aioli to the bottom of the roll then fish, sprinkle of dill, Jarlsberg cheese then salad and finish with avocado?.


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