Bait Man Hat Black


Embroidered Tweed Bait man on the front of comfortable 100% cotton snapback design with “Tweed Bait” embroidered on the back.




The Black Bait Man cap features the iconic Tweed Bait man embroidered on the front of a comfortable 100% black cotton snapback design, the hat also has Tweed Bait emblazoned on the back of the hat.

The history of “Tweedy” the Tweed Bait logo 

Raymond Lederhose the founder of Tweed Bait has a daughter Julie who loved to draw cartoons and sketch various things, one day Mr. Lederhose was walking past while Julie was drawing one of her cartoons this particular one was a man with a skipper hat on he thought it was a great cartoon so he asked Julie to draw a fishing rod in his hand and as they say the rest is history. Mr. Lederhose used this as the Tweed Bait logo and “Tweedy” has remained unchanged for over 50 years.

Tweed Bait Merchandise 

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