• 10kg bulk carton, 2 fish pack, mullet heads – perfect for your crab pots
  • Mullet fillets packet – great cut bait perfect for catching a variety of fish
  • Small pack mullet gut – all-around bait for estuary fishing



Tweed Bait Mullet are caught in the estuaries, coastal rivers, and beaches up and down the east coast of Australia.


Tweed Bait Mullet can be used in a wide range of techniques from our whole mullet being used as crab pot bait, our mullet fillet packets can be used as strip-cut bait, float lining or bottom bashing for reef fishing or just for simply casting a bait from shore.

Tweed Bait Mullet Crabs

a good feed of crabs caught using Tweed Bait whole mullet

Bait Rigging

Crab pots: Whole fish can be used in a crab pot with a bait keeper or secured in the middle of the pot, ensuring it’s on the bottom of the pot this will ensure the crabs will enter the pot for a feed, not sitting outside the pot feeding on a poorly secured bait.


Gang hooks: When rigging up mullet on gang hooks for float lining strip baits you want to line the mullet up with your gang hooks making sure the bottom of the bait overhangs the bottom of the hook and covers the top. Make sure you are starting from the bottom on the skin side penetrating your hooks to the flesh side and working your way to the top hook. This is most effective when chasing snapper and other reef species.

Mullet fillets Tweed Bait

Nice snapper caught on Tweed Bait Mullet Fillets

Tweed Bait Brag Mats are available Click Here

Single hook strip bait: When rigging up a strip bait you want to use a suitable size piece to the hook you are using. Two ways of putting it on are starting from the flesh side pushing your hook through then returning your hook back through the skin to the flesh side, the second technique used on larger baits starting from the skin side this time pushing your hook all the way through over the eye of the hook then returning the hook back through the flesh to the skin side then twisting hook and bringing the barb back through the skin to the flesh ensuring you have good hook exposure in the center of the bait.

This Mangrove Jack was still thriving despite being caught with no tail, it was caught on strips of Tweed Bait Mullet.

River and estuaries

General rig types for rivers and estuaries are a 2/0 – 3/0 rig, sinker size suited to the depth and current you are fishing.


Beach fishing

General rig types for beach fishing are Gang hooks size 4/0 – 6/0. 6-8 size sinker or suited to the zone you are fishing.


Offshore fishing

The general rig type would be gang hooks either float lining or bottom bashing

Paul Burt shares his tips on rigging up mullet baits and what you might hook up below

For more of Paul Burt’s great tips and recipes click here

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