Tweed Bait Pilchards are individually quick frozen to preserve the fish quality and maintain the freshness when thawed.


Tweed Bait pilchards range includes :

  • Small pack – Perfect for estuary and beach fishing for beginners looking to enjoy a day fishing on the water.
  • Value pack – Our most popular packet size is great for a family day out or chasing some Tailor, Snapper, or Flathead.
  • 2 KG IQF packet and WA Block – Ideal for a trip offshore reef fishing or chasing Mackerel
  • 4 Kg  & 15 Kg IQF Carton- for the keen angler with enough space to store for future trips.

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In 2018 Tweed Bait purchased a 15.4-meter aluminum vessel “Southerly” to catch and process Blue Pilchards in Yamba NSW.

Have you ever wondered how Tweed Bait Pilchards are caught and processed?

Earlier this year Paul Burt from Step Outside jumped on board the Southerly and visited our processing plant in Iluka to show you firsthand how the process is done.

You can also check out Paul Burt’s tips on some of the best ways to bait up Pilchards below


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