Prawns great bait for fishing, We have a big selection available across over 1000 stores.

Snap frozen and available in Small, Value & Angler Packets. Hawkesbury prawns are also available. Prawns are great bait for fishing we tell you why!
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Tweed Bait school prawns are collected fresh from estuaries such as the Hawksbury and Clarence as well as many others. The larger Endeavour and Banana prawns are sourced from North Queensland and Western Australia.

Tweed Bait Prawns

Fresh School Prawns


When using Tweed Bait prawns, match it up with a lightweight setup (weighing around 1-4kg). The most effective rig for this scenario is just a classic standard running sinker. Floating and paternoster rigs work just as well depending on the depth and current on the day you may need to change up your sinker size to fish the desired zone of your choice.


Bait rigging

When rigging up Tweed Bait prawns you want to get your prawn ready in your hand, grab your hook of choice and just feed the hook from the prawn’s tail to just before it’s head on the underside of the prawn. Your hook shank should follow the natural curve of the prawn, with the shank being hidden and the barb of the hook exposed.

Tweed Bait Flathead

Ben with a nice flathead caught using Tweed Bait Prawns (Tweed Heads NSW)


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Long shank hooks 1/0 – 2/0 generally work best with prawns with a lightweight ball running sinker or floating an unweighted prawn around areas such as pontoons, rock bars and sand flats.

Tweed Bait Tips with Paul Burt


When having a flick with Tweed Bait prawns, I prefer to use them around the jetty and pontoon areas as well as in the shallow water estuaries mainly targeting Bream, Flathead, and Whiting.


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