White Pilchards

White Pilchards are snap frozen & individually quick frozen to maintain freshness they are available in small & Value pack Range.



Tweed bait White Pilchards are collected fresh along Australia’s east coast beaches and are snap frozen or individually quick frozen.

Freshly caught White Pilchards 



When using Tweed Bait white pilchards, match it up with a lightweight setup (weighing around 1-4kg). The most effective rig, that works best for this scenario is just a classic standard running sinker to a single hook, floating and paternoster rigs work just as well pending on the depth and current on the day you may need to change up your sinker size to fish the desired zone of your choice. White pilchards can be used to target offshore species also. They also can make great burley either diced up and distributed over the back of the boat or crushed in a burley cage.

Brock with a nice Flathead caught using Tweed Bait White Pilchards from his local jetty in (Yamba NSW)


Bait rigging

Rigging a white pilchard can be as simple as sliding the bait over the barb of the hook. You can also return the barb of the hook back through the bait a second time to secure the bait and improve the presentation. Multiple baits can be used on the same hook to entice larger target species, where larger hooks may be required.


Jude catches a nice Flathead on Tweed Bait White Pilchards (Tweed Heads NSW)

River and estuaries

General rig types for river and estuaries are 2/0 – 3/0 rig, sinker suited to the depth and current you are fishing

Beach fishing

General rig types for beach fishing are sliding ball sinker rig with a single 2/0 – 3/0 hook, great for targeting Flathead, Dart and Tarwhine in the gutters.


Offshore fishing

General rig types for offshore fishing are paternoster rigs using single 2/0 hooks great for targeting your bottom reef species such as Snapper, Teraglin and Pearl Perch. Another technique commonly used is having an unweighted white pilchard bait rigged up and floating out the back of the boat on a single 2/0 – 3/0 hook, this is good for targeting Spotted and School Mackerel.

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White Pilchards Tweed Bait

Blake with two nice Snapper caught using White Pilchards (Gold Coast QLD)

Tweed Bait Tips with Paul Burt

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