coastal scavengers

Coastal Scavengers

Tweed Bait is pleased to announce we are a proud sponsor of the Coastal Scavengers organisation.

The Coastal Scavengers have a great plan in place to tackle pollution and they need our help if you would like to donate or join the cause check out their website here and like them on Facebook

This is their mission.


-Grow the organisation and the number of supporters.

-Clean Gold Coast waterways, Moreton Bay & Brisbane river.

-Obtain a vessel to head north and start scavenging up the coast.


– Have a large following of supporters

-Have a vessel capable of circumnavigation around Australia

-Have a significant database to explain what and where this marine pollution is coming from.

Years 5-10

– Have completed many circumnavigation trips around Australia while collecting a huge amount of marine pollution and saving lots of wildlife.

-Look at obtaining a vessel to head overseas and fight the issue head-on with a team of Australian seafarers, while maintaining a vessel working full time in Australia.



What we are going to do.

Coastal Scavenging:

1- Clean up Moreton Bay and Brisbane River.

2- Obtain a vessel to head north cleaning the coastline including the most inaccessible places along the Queensland Coast.

3- Obtain the funds to circumnavigate Australia on a mission to clean every remote, uninhabited, hard to access a stretch of coastline, island, reef and river.



Engage with our youth, the general public, and other organizations to provide education about marine pollution, recycling, preventing marine pollution, and the marine industry.

Animal Welfare

The Coastal Scavengers will from time to time find animals suffering from the effects of marine pollution and will render assistance to all animals in need of help and care.  The Coastal Scavengers will work closely with authorities and other organisations when dealing with animal welfare.

Data Collection

We will collect data on every clean-up and every event clean-up that we do.  This will be available to the general public.  We also plan to log all atmospheric data taken from our vessel as we circumnavigate Australia.


Freshwater aid.

We intend to have our vessel fitted out with a reverse osmosis water treatment plant  We will be able to produce clean water for those in need (farmers, rural communities, remote islands, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living on water-deprived islands and coastal communities.)


The Coastal Scavengers plan to run events to help fundraise, clean coastal areas, and engage with our supporters.  We will hold two different types of events.  All events will enable people to coastal scavenge with us.

Drive their event – These events will be held in places that our members and the general public are able to drive to in order to attend.

Sail their events – These events will be held on a stretch of the coastline that is inaccessible from the mainland and islands only accessible via a vessel.

Our passage plan will be made public and anyone with a vessel is welcome to follow us and help clean. (See further instructions in the passage plan section)


The Coastal Scavengers will conduct research into large-scale filtration of microplastic from our waters while collecting data on microplastic.

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