Blue Swimmer Crab

Blue swimmer crabs are found all along the east coast down to the Victorian border and across the top end and down into Western Australia. Adult crabs are found in large numbers in shallow bays and estuaries, particularly in the summer months and are highly regarded for their taste.

Target Species Crabs

Tweed Bait tips for chasing crabs


For best results place your crab Dilly’s in around 2-3m of water, look for sandy banks and islands along the estuary system and let them soak for around 45 -90 minutes checking them periodically.

What Bait:

Any oily fish works well the most popular is whole Mullet but you can also use Bonito and Pilchards (using a bait holder/keeper)

Cleaning & Preparing:

Sydney fish market shows you how to prepare Blue swimmer crabs for cooking


Blue swimmer crabs are known for their sweet flesh, they are fantastic for eating. Check out this mouth-watering Singapore Chilli Crab RECIPE BY PAUL BREHENY from The hook and the cook Youtube Channel

Bag and Size Limits QLD:

Click here for QLD bag and size limits

Bag and Size Limits NSW:

Click here for NSW bag and size limits

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