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Yellowfin Bream

Yellowfin Bream are a very commonly caught fish right along the east coast of Australia.  Found in estuaries, along beaches and on rocky foreshores.

Tweed Bait’s tips for catching Yellowfin Bream

Selecting the right bait – Bream will take most baits presented to them however for best results try Pilchards, Prawns, White Pilchards, Pipis, Worms,  Mullet gut and Mullet Fillet.

Selecting the right rig – try a running sinker rig (pictured above) or an unweighted hook floating in a burley trail.

Bream Tweed Bait

Charlie is showing off a nice Bream caught on King worms

Selecting the right spot – for beach fishing try to select a nice gutter using worms, white pilchards and pippis. In estuaries look for structures like jetties, fallen trees, bridges and rock walls using pilchards, prawns, mullet gut and fillets.

Create a burley trail as bream are opportunistic hunters and often an unweighted pilchard/prawn floating in a burley trail will produce great results.

Selecting the right tackleBurty shows us the gear you will need when chasing Yellowfin Bream.

Pipi Tweed Bait

Bream cant resist Tweed Bait Pipis

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Yellowfin Bream flesh is white and excellent for eating. Check out The Hook and the Cook’s recipe for cooking whole Bream below

Check out this clip from our good friends at BCF Australia or head to their Youtube page for more great videos like this.


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